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Premium Seafood. Światowy producent wyrobów rybnych.



Premium Seafood is passionate about offering the best quality within fish production and sale of premium fish products. Our products are handled with great care and produced along the guidelines of the highest standards and following regulations of ISO and HAACP systems. Recently we have strengthened our production by achieving BRC, IFS and MSC certificates.
Our production plant has been equipped with a modern salmon line from the Marel company. Which we use to process the highest quality of Norwegian salmon. Our production line of white fish processes mainly white fish from the Baltic Sea and North Sea. Our breading line is attributable for our production of fish fingers, burger, breaded fish fillets etc. It leaves us a lot of possibilities to produce what our customers prefer.
Premium Seafood employs approximately 150 qualified production workers, that in co-operation with the Quality Control Department secures the quality of all our products and services. Due to our richly equipped facilities, we can without difficulty adjust to strictly defined client specifications.

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Premium Seafood Sp. z o.o.

VAT number:  PL 5862264509
REGON number: 221179077
Veterinary Approval number: PL 32131806 WE

Office: 18A Rusko, 76-150 Darłowo, Poland

Plant: 18A Rusko, 76-150 Darłowo, Poland
tel: +48 94 314 09 80
fax: +48 94 314 09 99